CRS. Driving the VALUE of IT.

Xeraphic delivers Digital Innovation into your existing ITSM landscapes.


Whatever we do, we stay focussed on the Business Services, and all its underlying technical components.


For us, IT is a Value-Driver rather than a Cost Center. We measure and articulate the Business Value that IT brings.


Xeraphic follows a "Codeless-Philosophy". This allows for maximum flexibility with minimum maintenance risk and low lifecycle cost.

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The Xeraphic Platform - A High Level solution overview

  • Xeraphic has a highly modular and flexible approach

  • In combination with different Plug-Ins, Xeraphic delivers a variety of Use Cases

  • Xeraphic is driving the ITSM Maturity

  • Xeraphic's integrated Service Lifecycle Methodology i-SLiM (c)

Why Xeraphic and why now?

Why Xeraphic?

"Only customers who control the Service Demand process, effectively control the Service Lifecycle."

Xeraphic is an Innovation Leader for Service Demand & Portfolio Management and offers a seamless integration into existing ITSM solution landscapes.

Why now?

The so called “Digital Transformation” turns every single company into a Tech company. IT will therefore get a much higher impact on both financial and operational results .

You need to start investing NOW to get your hands on effectively managing the Technology Value Chain.